Clinical Reformer Pilates

Change happens through movement and movement heals- JOSEPH PILATES

We are so excited to introduce the latest addition to our rehabilitation services Pilates-based rehabilitation.

Pilates is a 100-year-old practice created by a German physical trainer Joseph Pilates for rehabilitation that is regaining a lot of popularity. It was initially used by dancers and soldiers returning from war as a way to recover from their injuries. Today, it is used as a form of fitness for those looking to add resistance training into their routine but also as an excellent tool to recover from injury. It consists of low-impact strengthening exercises and can help to improve strength, mobility, and body awareness along with focusing on your breath through controlled movements.

pilates exercise

Pilates is literally for everyone who wants to add ‘movement’ into their routine. However, at Genesis, we use our expertise of injury prevention and recovery to create programs that help you recover from back pain, knee, and shoulder pain as well as use it to help you keep fit during pregnancy and to get strong in the post-natal phase as well. It is suitable for the older individual as it is a low-intensity form of strength training.

We have a variety of prehab and rehab programs of reformer-based Pilates to help improve muscular strength, endurance, and control which helps not only in reducing the risk of injury but also in helping to recover from them. Prehab-based Pilates can help you before going in for a surgery like a knee or a hip replacement and it can also be used to recover from surgery enabling you to get back to function quickly and effectively.

Pilates is a great option to try for those who have chronic pain as a way to add movement and strength into their routine. As chronic pain is a complex condition with a lot of different factors contributing to it each individual will respond differently. However, it can greatly benefit some individuals.

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